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TYPE3-CAA, Text & Graphic Add-on Fully Integrated To CATIA


In 2015 Gravotech - TYPE3 has celebrated its 15th partnership's anniversary with Dassault Systèmes specialist of 3D design software developments, 3D digital mock-up and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions.

Dassault Systèmes has become a world leader in the CAD/CAM field, proposing today a vast range of solutions.

TYPE3 Software was among the first partners of Dassault Systèmes to implement a Based solutions to their CAA (Component Application Architecture) platform.

CATIA (Computer Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) started as an in-house development in 1977 by French aircraft manufacturer Avions Marcel Dassault, at that time already customer of the CAD/CAM industry, decided to develop its own software to design and build Dassault's Mirage fighter jet. CATIA was later adopted in the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, and many other industries.


Introducing Type3 CAA New Online Manuals Type3 CAA Tools bar in CATIA V5




TYPE3-CAA, Add-on to CATIA provides

♦ Professional and powerful tools for text, fonts, numbers, symbols…
Flexible & Accurate capabilities of customization from various image format or scanned graphics,
♦ Improve text projection and graphic design mappings onto 3D advanced shapes,
♦ Optional TYPE3 Gateway to extend CATIA possibilities to an Artistic Design Module,
A total integration within CATIA CAA V5 environment (native, associative and parametric),
♦ A very short learning-curve thanks to an user-friendly interface integrated in CATIA and its tree,
♦ A compatibility with CATIA 32 & 64 bit, available in English, French, German, Japanese, Italian...
♦ Software-based protection available, code served (SRM solution).

TYPE3-CAA is based upon the Dassault Systèmes Component Application Architecture V5 (CAA V5) and has been developed in close partnership with the worldwide leader of PLM solutions. It gives CATIA V5 users integrated access to TYPE3 and considerably increases the opportunities to easily include lettering and graphical applications earlier in the Product Life Cycle.

TYPE3 is focused on providing CATIA Design Engineers with access to a specific Typographic range of tools to enrich directly in CATIA their industrial parts with logo designs, texts, serial numbers, legal mentions, etc...

As identification, traceability or communication on industrial parts has become a lasting trend in the sectors of Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Consumer goods, Mold making and many more, TYPE3-CAA ensures the respect of the graphic chart from the graphic creation studio to the workshop. As a result of integrating lettering and graphics within the conception process, users benefit from immediate productivity gains and a quicker return on investments.

Client Type3-CAA

 TYPE3-CAA Video Presentations


It is with great pleasure that we released TYPE3-CAA 5.5, the latest version of our add-on to CATIA for industrial and artistic applications dedicated to manufacturing. Watch the following videos to get acquainted with TYPE3-CAA 5.5's interface, discover new features in text creations, mappings and machining, to see how you can increase efficiency and creativity. So do not wait any longer and start your sight seeing.


High Precision of Text/Fonts tools,
True Type, Single Line, Symbols...

Multi-lines & Distance Management,
Single Line Fonts (option)

Create & Modify Text Quickly:
All Parameters are in the Tree!

  New Advanced Text Features

  Manage more than 1 line at a time

  Apply Modifications Efficiently

Reference points, Center Circle reference, easy Symbols Addition, the TYPE3-CAA 5.5 is designed to facilitate and enhance Users experience in CATIA V5 while dealing with Texts & Logos.

  • Direct Catia Entities References: Select points, center circles or from arcs to directly build texts.
  • TYPE3-CAA is Completely Associative in CATIA CAA environments it helps you and your team organizing text features within your projects.
  • Curves obtained can be turned into PAD, POCKET... and remain editable for further changes.

The only Professional Solution for Text, Logo, Symbols management in CATIA V5 with full associativity.

TYPE3-CAA allows precise and proper typographies on the design of your piece bringing better communication with your customers.

A complete Add-on to manage text associatively with in 5.5:

  • New Text Interface Window
  • Additional Parameters for Multi-line management
  • Enlarged Input box: 4+ lines of direct input
  • New Industry-dedicated Single Line Fonts
  • CATIA Configuration table also completely integrated

Easy Modification from CATIA construction tree, bringing Instant Computation
Localizations now made easy:

  • By entering manually each sequence to be changed in the part.
  • By switching between Configuration Tables, you have full control.

Vectorization of images,
Directly in the CATIA V5 Interface...

Text Creation & Cylindrical Mapping,
Pocket removal for Engravings

Logo Colored Application:
Project your Artistic designs on your industrial parts

  Text Creation & Projection

  Build text and map cylindrically

  Specifications is now a pleasure to add

Integrating texts efficiently in CATIA V5 is made easy thanks to TYPE3-CAA Add-on to CATIA V5.

  • Vectorize: Bring any Raster file and obtained traced lines in seconds.
  • Use TYPE3 Projection tools to place precisely logos, texts, symbols on parts.
  • All features of CATIA V5 are interacting with TYPE3 Add-on: Thick Surface, Pad, Pocket....

Any typographic information can be added thanks to TYPE3-CAA, text is no longer a long process in CATIA V5.

Type in your texts set the height, width, spacing, kerning, any typographic control is allowed.

Map Cylindricaly or Conically Text and Logo in seconds

  • Fully Associative, text changes re-compute automatically
  • Lines built are 100% vertex to be used with CATIA features
  • Apply Pockets, PAD on any mapped or projected line
  • Visual and prototyping results finally pre-viewable

No further you will need to use a third party sofwtare, TYPE3-CAA does not require DXF, or any other vector format needs.
You can use all the typographic controls:

  • To insure text size and position are correct for proper manufacturing validation.
  • To differentiate your designs using actual words and this in total control of the Font aspect.

 TYPE3-CAA Gallery Presentation

Samples designed and manufactured with CATIA and TYPE3-CAA Add-on, click the picture above.

 TYPE3-CAA Download


TYPE3-CAA Software

Download the latest versions of TYPE3-CAA Software to stay up-to-date, part of your Type3Care program.

 TYPE3-CAA New Version 5.5


New BannerTYPE3-CAA, New Version 5.50

Read on to learn more about TYPE3 exclusive features in the new version of TYPE3-CAA V5 Based Version 5.50.
Discover new options for text creation, projection and mapping; all developed and improved to help Users maximize efficiency during creation, minimize distortions and ease any modification they might do along the design process. Gain time even more with the latest version of the only text and graphics add-on solution for CATIA V5.

     Download What's new?      Download Flyer      Download Computer Specs      Download Computer Specs
What's new?
Flyer 2015 (PDF)
PC Specs
Download TYPE3-CAA

New BannerNew Additional Languages, New Manuals

The new version 5.50 is now provided with additional languages such as Italian and Simplified Chinese. Our add-on is now available in 6 different languages: French (FR), English (US), German (DE), Japanese (JP), Italian (IT) and simplified Chinese (CP). In addition, a new user manual has been completely rewritten with even more concrete examples. An electronic version is now made available online, an extract of which is shown below.

New Online Manuals

New BannerText Modes

The text module now comes with new features aiming to make the design and modification of text in CATIA constantly easier and more efficient. New version 5.50 is now provided with additional languages such as Italian and Simplified Chinese. Our add-on is available in 6 different languages: French (FR), English (US), German (DE), Japanese (JP), Italian (IT) and simplified Chinese (CP). In addition, a new user manual has been completely rewritten with even more concrete examples. An electronic version is also made available on-line, an extract of which is shown below.

New Input text

New distance controls

Play button Type3 CAA
Watch the Text Modes features

New BannerAdditional Single Line Fonts

Single line fonts make possible creating text without thickness. Engraving is performed simply by following the profile. no need to perform a cut-out. Increased productivity and a fine finish guaranteed.

There were already 12 single line fonts at installation. The new version offers 2 further optional packs, each containing 10 additional fonts.

They are designed for industry and encompass several possible languages (Asian, Arabic, Western etc...).

For further information, contact your local representative or email us at:

New fonts
Play button Type3 CAA
Watch the Additional Single Line Fonts

New BannerMultiline Text

This is revolutionary. A completely rethought approach for even greater productivity. It is now possible to create several lines of texts with a single reference.

The input box has been enlarged allowing the input of several lines of text. It requires just a simple carriage return to move on to the next line.

New parameters appear as well: word spacing and interline spacing.
As before, each character remains moveable and reachable.

Create an identification plate in just a few seconds:

New Input text New Input text result

Play button Type3 CAA
Watch the Multiline Text features

New BannerMulti-support Text

This is a signigficant new feature with this version. In fact, in CATIA it is now extremely easier to write text with differing support/medium. In the previous version, one support/medium was required to create EACH test.

Several concrete examples to illustrate this new approach:

New Tree display Positions

From version 5.50, now you simply select as many supports as lines of text.
In the example below, 7 reference points have been built.


Just one TEXT feature appears in the tree.

Tree Visualization

Play button Type3 CAA
Watch the Multi-support Text features

New BannerOther Application Example

All the designations of the rear connectors are generated by a single text containing the various titles, no less than 9 entries in this other example!



Rear Panel Overview

Detail 1:

Detail #1

Detail 2:

Detail #2

Play button Type3 CAA
Watch Other Application Text features

New BannerConfiguration Tables

TYPE3-CAA text feature is fully integrated within its CATIA's environment or "code served".
Changing the title of a label in different languages is now very easy thanks to the configuration table, as shown in this example below.


Emergencia Emergency Urgence

Play button Type3 CAA
Watch the Configuration Tables features

New BannerG1 Text

An important new feature: the G1 continuity between curves generated by TYPE3-CAA.
By default, fonts are created with discontinuities (these originate with the font itself when it is designed). For certain CATIA functionalities this is of a concern because they can generate errors.
Simply by ticking the G1 box, the new version 5.50 allows you to render the text fully G1 compatible.
The geometry is slightly modified to ease any further computation within CATIA.

G1 Box

The screen-shots below illustrate the before and after results.

G1 Box

The text presents slight discontinuities along G1 on the left. By ticking the G1 option, angles of less than 1° have been removed. G1 continuity thus enables the ease of use of features such as: edge fillets, chamfer, taper etc...

G1 Box

Play button Type3 CAA
Watch the G1 Text Feature

New BannerBasic Mappings

Play button Type3 CAA
Watch the Basic Mappings Features

FLEXNet Licence

FlexNet Publisher

Broadly used among the CATIA community, we offer to our customers the best solution: FLEXnet.
For floating license from servers and with unlimited licences (Windows environments only).
FlexNet Publisher is a popular software license manager which implements licensing through netowrks. It is intended to be used in corporate environments to provide floating licenses to multiple end users of computer software. Today, network TYPE3-CAA Solutions are available using FlexNet, the most efficient technology to deploy your engraving solution in CATIA.

Text on Arc

TYPE3-CAA Based Version 5.10. has introduced a new feature: Text on Arc ideal for automotive parts manufacturers, electronic, electric parts, pneumatic... etc. The texts will be directly defined following an arc by selecting either three different elements (centre, radius and start angle). As usual, the point can be an existing point, a vertex or could also be added with a right click within CATIA.

text in arc

Play button Type3 CAAText on a Bearing Bridge Play button Type3 CAAText on an Engine Block

Text from a Point

With this new option, your text can be positioned according to 9 defined positions (upper left corner, center, middle...).
Text from a point allows more flexibility when positioning a text. You do not need any other support to position your text and hence save a lot of time during creation and in needs of new modifications. Again in this new option, the point used as the reference position can be an existing point, a vertex or can be created with a simple right click in CATIA.

test from a point

Play button Type3 CAAText from point(s) Play button Type3 CAAElectric Box

Using Macros with Text

Macros help you optimizing your texts as you can edit them. In the current editor (for instance, Microsoft Visual Basic), you can find all the parameters of the text in the macro, so that you can modify it according to your application (serial numbers, etc...).


Local Projection

In the previous versions, the Projection was global for all the contours and followed only one direction, which forced large projections and deformation could be quite important. To limit the distortions, we have developed the "Local Projection". When you project a word on an irregular surface, each letter is locally projected individually. Distortions on the sides of the letters are now minimal, helping obtaining the best results. In brief, for non revolution surfaces or large variations on the radius, choose the new Local Projection to obtain the nicest results.

local protection

Play button Type3 CAAProjections on Perfume Packaging

Conical Mapping

With this new version, we have also improved the Conical Mapping algorithm, as a result, the deformation of your text or image is less important. Use it for all your surfaces close to a cone as this function gives results close to perfection, you will notice deformations can barely be seen.

conical mapping

Play button Type3 CAAConical Mapping on Watch

For further information about TYPE3-CAA Add-on to CATIA contact us.


 TYPE3-CAA Support Help Desk


From Monday to Friday - 9 to 6 EST-PST
Phone: 678-904-2909
Fax: 678-904-2908

(Fill the form we will get back to you within the next opened hours)

After hours Contact form

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 TYPE3-CAA Hardware Requirements


If you have any question about what to buy and install
call us at the Support Help Desk's number or email.
Below is a PDF note about Hardware we recommend.

(PDF format)


 TYPE3-CAA Documentations


TYPE3-CAA's manual is 100+ pages gathering
all the instructions to master the
features available today in various packages.

(PDF format)


 TYPE3-CAA Tutorials


Discover TYPE3-CAA through a series of written tutorials,
enhance your skills and efficiency in designing and manufacturing
unique objects with TYPE3-CAA Software solutions.

(PDF format)




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