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Schools and Training Partners

The teaching of CAD/CAM in schools and training centers must be strengthened and well-supported.
Many schools have already integrated our CAD/CAM solutions into their curriculum because they support the professionals of today and tomorrow on a daily basis and form part of the most widely-used global solutions in their areas of activity.
In an innovative spirit and a desire for quality, Type3 has created a specialist education program to meet the needs expressed by schools and students. This approach is part of our company's desire to develop its software continuously while meeting the needs and wishes of existing and future users. Many classes are regularly organized at school and universities and with a selection of partners worldwide.
Some of those are also "certified", going through a specific validation process for their Type3 solution knowledge but also their ability to offer quality teaching.

Developing an attractive curriculum

For teachers, make use of tools adapted to the excellence criteria of the professional world and prepare your students for the sectors and technologies of tomorrow (or today!)

Encouraging excellence

Future graduates will enter the professional world with solid training on design tools which will make their profiles more attractive in the eyes of future employers. 
The training sessions we offer to teachers and professors are organized to allow them to:

Our teaching tools

Your role is to support students when entering the professional world helping them to become creative, thorough, and ingenious. Our tools can help you with this:

For students

As a commercial company providing innovative 2D and 3D CAD/CAM solutions, Type3 wants to forge long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with a selection of training centers and schools.

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