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Innovation & Expertise

Innovation & Expertise

Gravotech has been able to constantly advance the market for decades thanks to our ability to develop visionary and innovative solutions.

With engraving materials emerging in 1970 and the invention of dot peen marking in the 80s, Gravotech has always strived for innovation making us the global leader in engraving and permanent marking.

Our aim: to always be at the forefront of technology 

In a world where technical progress and our clients' requirements are fast-moving, "time to market" is crucial and innovation is key to overcoming this challenge.

... and close to our customers

In a world where everything goes faster, laws establish contraints in terms of traceability and identification. International competition requires the constant reviewing of creation, production, marketing and communication methods.

Objects are customised. They are decorated. They are identified to guarantee traceability.

TYPE3 has been meeting these growing demands for over 30 years with innovative, successful and constantly improved solutions.

A mission at the heart of our developments

Our initial mission : To combine traditional artistic typography with the world of industry allowing us to anticipate the progress and trends of these sectors which we are offering the tools of tomorrow.

The demands of our clients, who include both luxury manufacturers and those from the automobile industry, are at the heart of our developments. They are always sources of inspiration, technical or daily innovations and meet their concerms before they even realise it.

We help them to effectively create, manage and produce aesthetically-pleasing parts whatever the creation process: from a manual drawing, something written on paper for scanning, a photo import, imported sketch files or a design created directly with our solutions. From the engraving of lettering, logos or bas reliefs on complex 3D surfaces. From full-3D modelling or sculpture, machining in numerical control or laser machines as well as 3D printing. Complemented by our realistic rendering and animation creation solutions.
With TYPE3 solutions, you can be guaranteed that you have a versatile, professional, effective and innovative solution.

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