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2D - 2.5D - 3D Bas Reliefs

2D : Acrylic Laser Cutting, deep material cut
2D : Acrylic Laser Cutting
2.5D : Metal Engraving, ramping corners, combo die, paper convertion
2.5D : Metal Engraving
3D : Pewter Dish Engraving Stamp, bas relief, 3D stamping
3D : Pewter Dish Engraving Stamp
3D Printed Spiral Vase, prototyping
3D Printed Spiral Vase
2D : Acrylic Laser Cutting
TYPE EDIT - CAD/CAM Software - US Flag Machining
Type3 Software - 2D to 3D Artistic Die Creation

Client needs

Engraving has always been used for many purposes and takes very different forms. It gives a style and an elegance to many personalized items and also offers quality and durability for Signage and Industrial parts like engraved plates.

Today, thanks to CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing), the capacities of Laser machines have drastically and significantly increased.

In 2D and 2.5D, the latter uses a conical-shaped tool which can get into corners or between letters. Given that the width of the cut becomes smaller when the tool is lifted, the result is more detailed and the corners are cut clearer. The tool moves effectively in three dimensions during finishing. This also concerns Intaglio toolpath where the tool fits the whole width area, going deeper when the width increase creating beautiful v-carving effects in letter for Signs and Sculpted Stones.

Bas reliefs are a form of 3D Sculpture. They differ from other sculptures as their reliefs are only slightly higher than the flat bottom, hence the name "bas" relief for low variation. All these techniques are used on a daily basis for Engraving needs by both Artisans and the Biggest companies in the world.

Solution proposed

Intended from the beginning to allow parts communicating through Engraving, Sculpture, Cutting and Texture, Type3 Solutions are fully oriented markets and applications for any application types. 

Client benefits

TYPE EDIT, LASERTYPE and the TYPE3-CAA add-on for CATIA are Software Solutions suited to the integration of 2D, 2.5D and 3D Bas relief carvings on all your parts, plates and objects. These Software Solutions have a considerable number of features and skills. They are efficiently implemented inside several professional packages. Therefore, it is very easy to find a Solution fitting exactly the Users needs and insure professional tools are available for specific activities, while having an intuitive interface, Type3 Solutions help many Users daily to accomplish their tasks in the most efficient time. 

Each of these solutions respects the most complex constraints of 2D, 2.5D and 3D Bas relief carving.

With every day competition, time and quality remain the main advantages you can offer your clients, regardless the price.

I had a good feeling that Type3 was more geared up for my CNC flat-bed routers and straight forward process. I am amazed by the effort spent on the 2D features!

I was very impressed by the construction tree. Before, I had to undo and redo if I needed to modify my design. Now, Type3 saves all the features I’ve used in the construction tree, amazing time savings!
Doug Urban - Urban Woods - USA

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2D - 2.5D - 3D Bas Reliefs

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