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Engraving, Cutting & CNC Machining

TYPE EDIT - Engraving ornament and mold machining
Engraving, cutting and machining
TYPE EDIT - Mold machining and ornament
mold machining
Anodized Aluminum Plate Engraving, 2D milling, 2D engraving, dials
Anodized Aluminum Plate Engraving
Rubber Stamp Laser Engraving, logo stamping
Rubber Stamp Laser Engraving
Engraving, cutting and machining
TYPE EDIT Engraving Software
Engraving software - TYPE EDIT V12 | Fill a hole with Polymesh
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Client needs

All kinds of needs are related to Engraving, Cutting and Machining. From simple 2D to advanced 3D, from numerical to Laser controlled machines, all these needs require the same solution: a CAD/CAM Software.

The identification, manufacturing, cutting or engraving of tools or parts are not always an everyday tasks for our Users but almost all industries face challenges in finding the right Software Solutions for their business. Engraving, Cutting and Machining are not just ways to add value to the parts that Manufacturers and Professionals produce but also to finish a product so he can be delivered. They are many ways to communicate information, data, identify, often for the traceability of parts but also to add decorative elements, personalize or even add texture to a material for surface finish purpose of a product, all this always lead to one goal: add value to parts.

Solution proposed

Teachers, Industrial Engravers, Artisans, Manufacturers (customized, advertising items, furniture, etc), Carpenters, Interior Design Decorators, Watchmakers and precision mechanical parts (micro precision), almost all sectors use Engraving, Cutting or any carving needs.

Engraving your brand on your product, a serial number, cutting your sign, machining parts in small or large quantities, all this and more is possible with a Type3 Software Solution. According to your part, your machine park, your current implemented Software and other factors, Type3 has the solution to ease your various needs. 

Discover the Artistic CAD/CAM suite of Software from Type3 allowing to fulfill your Engraving, Cutting and manufacturing needs:

Client benefits

Type3 CAD/CAM Solutions include various features, all dedicated to build accurate 2D & 3D Designs with the help of Engraving, Cutting... toolpaths to output the perfect program to drive your machines. Type3 Software allow you creating 2D, 2.5D or 3D Designs as quickly and as efficient as you can be. In addition, you can also create perfect managements of Machining control options. Whether you use TYPE EDIT or LASERTYPE, here are just some of the machining features you can count on:

  • Tangential entry/exit (Lead in/out) for more safety and tool life management,
  • Parcelization tools for machining larger areas,
  • Advanced and configurable multi-copy features for serialization,
  • Several levels of Nesting for saving and optimizing material waste,
  • Handheld concentric, elliptical or hatched scanning,
  • Unlimited access to simple and ingenious tools for designing quality 3D Artistic parts in just a few seconds,
  • Machining of 3D sculptures, 3D Bas reliefs and 3D textures of various sizes and patterns,
  • Realistic 3D Renderings Studio and Machining simulations,
  • Possibility of creating framed photos from libraries in just a few seconds...

These features and many others allow drastic production gains while minimizing creation time and therefore continuously improve your ROI.

As a major actor in the jewelry industry, our group needed to strengthen its CAD/CAM department as much for machine driving as for creation. Off course, everything cannot be done exclusively by hand because of financial as well as material and human constraints.

TYPE EDIT has really helped us save a lot of time during the creation and machining processes. It has also helped our designers improve their creation diversity. TYPE EDIT has become an integrated part of our daily job and increased our efficiency considerably.

TYPE EDIT is mainly used for graphic creations, die stamping, cast-ironed tools, etc. It is also used by permanent designers who work exclusively for Groupe GL at the creation department.
Fabrice Hermier - Groupe GL - France
The ergonomy of the software’s interface was the first element that impressed the staff. A screen for each and every step of the creation is a practical and precious tool. The power of the TYPEART 3D module, as well as the CAM module’s capabilities, reinforced this initial impression.

LASERTYPE is the only one to guide the user from A to Z, from the creation process all the way to the final object, and guarantees contextual help at each step of the way. The Favorites toolbar eases the work process and speeds up creation time.
Philippe Veiniere - Veiniere - France

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Engraving, Cutting & CNC Machining

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