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Tool & Dies, Molds, Marking Tools

TYPE EDIT - Mold machining and ornament
mold machining
Die & Stamps Embossing, Combo Die, 3D mold emboss/deboss
Die & Stamps Embossing
Industrial Part Engraving, Multi levels die
Industrial Part Engraving
mold machining

Client needs

Molds and other Machining tools constitute a key part of the production process for many industries.
These are often unique products or those produced in very small series for which extreme precision is required. For their manufacturing, producers rely on creativity, interaction, speed and quality of the finished parts.

As a specialist in Engraving and Artistic solutions for over 25 years, you will be able to find a solution for your applications with Type3. Whether it is as stand alone or in addition to your third-party CAD/CAM we get you covered.

Examples of use with a Third-party CAD-CAM solutions already in place:

  • Engraving on injection molds for Food Packaging, Plastic parts in the Automotive markets or in Aerospace, Toys... design made in Solidworks,
  • Applications with 3D Artistic thermoforming Signs with designed vector in Adobe Illustrator,
  • Engraving on casted parts design in CATIA.

Examples of stand-alone uses, with production of

  • Stamps and templates,
  • Electrodes,
  • Gilding,
  • Embossing tools,
  • Cutting, pre-cutting, marking tools
  • Small Artistic molds...

Solution proposed

Type3 Software Solutions are developed accordingly to the needs of its Users. Mold and Stamps have Engraving applications requiring a level of demand, quality and technical constraints

  • Complete and modular solutions
  • Integrated CAD/CAM
  • Suitable for other software solutions (numerous 2D and 3D imports)
  • Open and compatible with your machines thanks to a library of post-processers allowing you to use small engravers, large tables, direct and machining centres, etc
  • Extensive business functions such as "intaglio" or "embossing gilding" tools, "male-female", "stamp-matrice" and tool deformation" functions, etc
  • Unique projection and winding algorithms to be able to apply your engraving to any surface/multiple 3D surface tiles.
  • The choice of a solution dedicated to mechanical machines (TYPE EDIT) or laser machines (LASERTYPE)

Whether you are a tool manufacturer, mould maker, watchmaker, jeweller, packaging or boxing professional, whether you work in the food, jewellery, currency, printing or automobile industry or for fast-moving consumer goods. Type3 meet your needs and overcome your constraints.

Client benefits

  • Internalize your Engraving with professional, intuitive and modular Type Solutions
  • Meet manufacturing deadlines using a solution made for specialists,
  • Respect Graphical charters (logos to be reproduced with size and details),
  • Produce unique, aesthetic parts and differentiate yourself from your competition,
  • Optimize your machining equipment because the Type3 Solutions are tuned up to fit with all numerical controlled machines on the market.
Our company’s mission is to design and produce chocolate for business purposes such as corporate gift-giving, customer appreciation, and sales promotions. Our focus is on the North American market.
We have set ourselves apart thanks to the precision of our engraving, which is a real asset in this field!
Since we have been using TYPE EDIT, we are very satisfied with the gain in productivity. We are able to produce hundreds of high quality molds per month!
Jeff Robinson - Totally Chocolate - USA

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Tool & Dies, Molds, Marking Tools

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