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Wood working CAD/CAM Software

3D Wood Door Medallion, woodworking, carving door
3D Wood Door Medallion
Wood chalet with balcony carpentry cut, woodworking
Wood Chalet with cut carpentry
Eiffel Tower Wood Cut Maquette Assembly, architectural, wood laser cut
Eiffel Tower Wood Cut Maquette Assembly
3D Wood Carving Ski-Doo, woodworking, 3D sign
3D Wood Carving Ski-Doo
Wood Cut Christmas Ornaments, snow flake cutting,
Wood Cut Christmas Ornaments
3D Wood Puzzles, wood Laser cutting
3D Wood Puzzles
3D Wood Door Medallion

Client needs

From solid wood to exotic wood, the medium to veneers, engraving can be used to decorate, hollow out or write any information (text, image, designs, etc) on wood.

Flat engraving, relief engraving, hollow engraving, cuts, curves, angles, everything is possible and conceivable using the quality material that is wood.

The needs are numerous: cuttng a sign, creating an item for communicating a message, embellishing an object, giving information, personalisation, etc, Type3 solutions allow this and much more. 

Solution proposed

Are you a professional or a demanding Artisan who works with wood? Discover a solution that specifically meets your needs:

  • engraving,
  • cut,
  • bas relief,

all your works on woods can be supported by Type3.

The TYPE EDIT software is recommended for wood professionals for accurately and quickly creating all their 2D and 3D works by managing their milling or laser machines (with LASERTYPE). TYPE EDIT and its laser equivalent: LASERTYPE both offer a range of dedicated features.

Client benefits

Their vast range of tools and assistants allows you to manipulate any design element and create any shapes you want. The integrated CAM module offers proven machining strategies providing unrivaled machining efficiency.

TYPE EDIT, like LASERTYPE, offers many benefits that will make the difference in your works and against your competition:

  • speed: optimization of the tool path calculation, quick access toolbar, etc
  • power: nesting and management of raw materials, script management and automation, etc
  • freedom: tools for creating forms, free text, 2D and 3D creation
  • dedicated features: nesting and "magic" copies, intaglio v-carving machining, tangential input / output (lead in and lead out), marquetry, etc
With every day competition, time and quality remain the main advantages you can offer your clients, regardless the price.

I had a good feeling that Type3 was more geared up for my CNC flat-bed routers and straight forward process. I am amazed by the effort spent on the 2D features!

I was very impressed by the construction tree. Before, I had to undo and redo if I needed to modify my design. Now, Type3 saves all the features I’ve used in the construction tree, amazing time savings!
Doug Urban - Urban Woods - USA

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Wood working CAD/CAM Software

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