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Electrical & Electronic markets

Electrical & Electronic CAD/CAM Software

These industries design, manufacture and implement technologies and are themselves sources of innovation thanks to new technologies.
Engraving contributes to the product's aestheticism: it helps to communicate the brand and promotes its recognition by clients. Product smay also be engraved (or marked) for regulatory reasons or to indicate instructions for use.

Whether the purpose of engraving (or marking) is decorative, aesthetic, marketing or even legal, Type3 solutions (particularly TYPE EDIT, LASERTYPE, TYPE3-CAA) offer a solution which:

and is the result of over 25 years of experience within the engraving industries.

Text, logos, graphics, serial numbers, textures, Bas reliefs, …..Type3 CAD/CAM Software Solutions are developed for you.

Your integration, design and manufacturing needs:


Your needs...

... our solutions

TYPE3-CAA automobile part identification

Integration of data on parts and products:

Safety, standards, traceability, technical and legal data, all these points are covered and processed with the creation of the products.
The versatility of Type3 solutions helps you in your design and production: creation of serial numbers, text composition and insertion in your 3D CAD files, etc

Our adapted software solutions:

  • TYPE EDIT for your CAD/CAM needs dedicated to mechanical machining
  • LASERTYPE for laser
  • TYPE3-CAA for data integration (text and image) in objects created in CATIAfrom Dassault Systèmes

TYPE EDIT engraved electrode

Decoration, personalization to your brand:

Type3 offers tools for the creation, import and cleaning of imported files, logo vectorization (JPG, PNG, etc), 3D file import (STEP, IGES, etc) for the projection or winding of your engraving, specific tool path for engraving logos, decoration, etc.

Type3 offers evolutive solutions

  • TYPE EDIT for your numerical control machines
  • LASERTYPE for your laser stock
  • TYPE3-CAA establishes the link between Type3 and CATIA features.

Our clients in this market:

The electrical and electronic industries comprise companies of all sizes (from large global leaders to very small companies). The sectors concerned represent this variety just as their applications are very extensive.

Sectors Applications
  • Household machines
  • Lighting
  • Consumer electronics
  • Electronic components
  • Medical technologies
  • Batteries
  • Telecoms
  • Image, etc.
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Support 
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