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Engineering Departments & CATIA Users

Engineering Departments & CATIA Users

With the speed of range renewals, the aim of reducing marketing deadlines requires a unified and integrated PLM process approach. All this by mastering traceability during part design. We must also consider creativity and aestheticism constraints.
Various Type3 solutions meet these requirements, combining performance, safety and archiving of your data, creativity and respect of graphic charters and standards.

Your creation, part handing and manufacturing needs:


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tire interface catia automobile TYPE3-CAA decoration, text and tire information

Personalisation, marking, engraving or presentation of a CATIA model

  • Vectorisation of images or logos and PDF imports
  • Creation of texts
  • Projection or winding on complex surfaces
  • Associativity of text parameters thanks to integration in CATIA

An effective and PLM software solution:

  • TYPE3-CAA for the integration of logos, vectorised images, texts and model numbers for objects created in Catia from Dassault Systèmes

TYPE3-CAA engraving Sun engraved industrial mold

Marking and identification of mechanical parts or your moulds:

  • Professional text creation assistants
  • Creation/import of variables and series
  • Editing and point retouching mode
  • Professional design tools
  • Font editor
  • Imports of surfaces, projection and winding
  • Creation of male/female tooling
  • Creation of tool paths and NC codes for your machines

Solutions dedicated to professionals

for engraving and decoration:

  • TYPE EDIT for your CAD/CAM needs dedicated to mechanical machining
  • LASERTYPE the engraving and marking solution dedicated to laser machines

TYPE-EDIT jewel embossing tool

Decoration and personalisation:

  • 2D and 3D textures
  • Artistic Bas relief modelling
  • Creation of male/female tooling
  • "Intaglio" machining and 2.5D engraving (angles)
  • Photo-realistic visualization and simulations
  • Machining reports

TYPE3 offers versatile solutions

  • TYPE EDIT for your numerical control machines
  • LASERTYPE for your laser stock

As well as 3SHAPER for modeling and sculpture + Reverse Engineering with surface reconstruction (retopology)

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