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Fashion & Design CAD Software

Fashion & Design CAD Software

The fashion and accessories market is a dream. To meet growing demand, supply is increasing, the creativity is intense and many new brands are entering the market.

To meet each of the needs of this very varied market, which comprises small companies as well as the very biggest, Type3 offers varied but adaptable and extensive solutions which are always scalable. This is to meet new challenges such as the rapid and constant renewal of collections, stock reduction, finding new tools to improve creativity as well as sharing the market with its clients. The Type3 teams understand these challenges and provide solutions to them.

Remember that e-commerce is becoming increasinngly important for distribution in these markets and that the sector lends itself particularly well to this type of distribution: small objects, easy to transport, easy to package, low unit costs, etc. This new channel requires new technologies and is a challenge for Type3, a software editor.

Your Designs, Decorations and Enhancements needs:

  Your needs... ... their solutions

3shaper snake shoes

3D Creation:

For your fashion and accessory creations, freedom and power go together. It is about overcoming the constraints of the software to benefit from the inventiveness and power of professional tools.

For full-3D Creation,

Type3 offers two software solutions:


3d button accessory star pendent personalized with engraving

Decoration in 2D, 2.5D or 3D:

For the Creation of a model or decoration of an existing object, a mold relies on 2D, 2.5D even 3D capabilities. Communicating a brand, personalizing it with a message, a logo, decorating with a Bas relief, textures, your needs are multiple.

Discover perfectly fitting Software Solutions

  • TYPE EDIT design and machine your 2D, 2.5D and 3D engravings,
  • LASER TYPE for Laser Hatching, Cutting, Marking, Deep Engraving solutions,
  • TYPE3-CAA: the only add-on developed for the integration of Logos and Graphics, Texts and Symbols in your models created with CATIA V5 and/or V6 (3DEXPERIENCE) from Dassault Systèmes.

3design reporting DEEP IMAGE realist picture diamond rendering

Validating, highlighting, promoting, communicating:

Today, all types of images, video animations and reporting are at the heart of our companies. We cannot sell fashion and accessories without displaying them and highlighting all their assets. Catalogs, websites, advertising, social networks all require videos and images to thrive. 

Type3 offers innovative Software Solutions

...which allow you validating your projects as communicating with your creations even before their series are in production:

  • 3DESIGN CAD and 3SHAPER: for full-3D creation, creation of photo-realistic images, video animations, full reports,
  • TYPE EDIT and LASERTYPE: previews of your creations, simulations and machining reports.

Our clients in this market segment:

Our clients in the fashion and accessories market segement : various profilesall around the world
  • Artisans,
  • Industrial Engravers,
  • Designers
  • Manufacturing workshops, mold makers
  • Costume Jewelers,
  • Jewelry and Fashion Designer Schools
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