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Professional Engravers

Industrial Engravers & Plaques Manufacturers

Engraving is an established art since thousand of years. Embossed, Debossed, for unique objects or series: the techniques used are numerous and are constantly evolving.

To meet those constantly evolving demands, professional engravers need modern tools, technologies and solutions adapted and regularly updated. Working from a design, a sketch, a blue print, a file or a simple idea, they work with various materials such as metals, plastics, glass, plaster, stone, etc.

Professional Engravers are both Artists and Technicians today. Their activity and its constraints correspond to both decoration and manufacturing series.

Professional Engravers needs:

  Your needs... ... find their solutions

Coin detail professional engraver

Expressing free messages :

  • Free creation
  • Series creation
  • Font editing
  • Use of Designs, Symbols, Logos

Type3 products all rime with Creativity,

we recommend the following solutions :

  • TYPE EDIT to build your design files
  • LASERTYPE to run Laser machinings
  • TYPE3-CAA to implement pictures, texts and logos in your catpart (CATIA files) from Dassault Systèmes

3D armor engraving detail

Optimizing thanks to Technical features :

  • 2D details, Ramped corners machining and 3D design
  • Toolpath generation up to 4th axis
  • Exportations towars 3D printers 

Discover Software Solution with a perfect fit

  • TYPE EDIT to engrave 2D, 2.5D, or 3D for Advanced Surfaces
  • LASERTYPE the Laser Software 100% dedicated to Laser productions
  • TYPE3-CAA for text and logos creations  directly in  CATIA

TYPE3-CAA car Power button

Versatility by linking to other solutions :

  • Third party Software
  • Import & Export of industrial file formats

Type3 develops specific features

especially for this suite of software

  • TYPE EDIT, dedicated features and shortcuts to Milling machines 
  • LASERTYPE, the equivalent to TYPE EDIT for Laser machines
  • TYPE3-CAA, the advanced gateway offering Type3 tools within the CATIA interface

Our Customers on this market:

Professional Engravers value their work as an Art and we follow them in this respect by offering the tools they need.
  • Professional Engravers
  • Plaque Manufacturers
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