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Signage, POS & Displays  with Type3 solutions

Signage, POS & Displays 3D software

Whether it is to deliver information or a promotion in a Point of Sale, to display or decorate a space, the needs fall under the same criteria: availability of versatile, scalable and wide open Software Solutions allowing you to carry out your works effectively and to machine them on your CNC (Laser, Milling, Routing etc) safely.
The TYPE EDIT and LASERTYPE Solutions are developed for your specific applications. Available in several levels of skills, they are completely adjustable in scope of expertise and can be set for any of your project levels.

You can personalize your working interface, create scripts to automate processes, create libraries of machining-material-tool strategies, verify through simulations and simulate or build nesting reports
…We offer reliability and productivity for your business design needs.

Available in CAD or CAD/CAM format, Type3's Solutions can be perfectly integrated into your design and production environment thanks notably to a very large library of industrial import and export formats, post-processors, compatible with your printers or marking/laser cutting machines, large milling or cutting tables, Router machines for Wood or stone, small milling & Engraving machines, etc.

With TYPE EDIT and LASERTYPE, you benefit from over 25 years of Software experience for your activity sector.

Your creation and cutting needs:

  Your needs... ... your solutions

TYPE EDIT 3D Americus sign detail

File Creation (CAD):

  • Free hand creation of designs and text,
  • Use of logos and symbols,
  • Fonts edition,
  • Industrial File Imports, DXF, PDF, EPS etc

Type3 offers two main Software Solutions:

  • TYPE EDIT for the free design and machining of your 2D, 2.5D and 3D files,
  • LASERTYPE for Laser oriented applications.

machined 3D wood molding rosace

Cutting & Engraving:

  • 2D and 3D Signages, Sculptures
  • Advanced Cuttings
  • Simulations and Machining reports

Discover perfectly fitting Software Solutions

  • TYPE EDIT to design and complete your works on CNC Milling machines.
  • LASERTYPE for your works needed completion using Lasers Machinery.

TYPE EDIT museum letters cut


  • Wood,
  • Marquetry,
  • LED panels,
  • Front panel,
  • Furnishing, display, decoration...

Type3 develops Specific Features

notably in the following software

  • TYPE EDIT and its professional functions for design and manufacturing on mechanical machines
  • LASERTYPE is its equivalent for laser machines

Our clients in this segment are:

Our clients in the Signage, POS or Display sectors are varied and come from the four corners of the world  
  • Designers,
  • Decorators
  • Advertisers
  • Industrial Engravers
  • Signage Professionals
  • Carpenters and Cabinet makers
  • POS Manufacturers
Our advisors are here to meet your signage and display needs