Gravotech partners with Formlabs

Gravotech partners with Formlabs


Gravotech is pleased to announce its partnership with Formlabs, manufacturer of easy-to-use and affordable 3D printers.

This integration with our flagship software 3DESIGN provides jewelers with a turnkey solution and streamlined process between CAD design and 3D printing.
With a single click, 3DESIGN models are directly transferred to Formlabs’ Preform software for support creation and slicing process. Going from idea to jewelry prototype has never been so easy before.

“This partnership with Formlabs came from our company’s common core values to provide an all-in-one turnkey solution perfectly suited to the challenges and specificities of the jewelry market. Providing high precision prototypes with intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces are strengths shared by Gravotech’s 3DESIGN and Formlabs. Both our technologies allow great design flexibility to jewelry professionals without limiting creativity. With this partnership, we are making the transition from software to machine (and vice-versa) even easier than before. Going from ideas to prototypes in a single day has always been a goal for most jewelry creators (manufacturers, retailers, designers, hobbyists..) and it is also an important motivation behind this partnership.”    

David Lehmann - Group Software Manager

Discover how 3Design and Formlabs can simplify the whole process:

“Using CAD and a printer helps me to a technical level that I couldn't achieve on my own.The beauty of the fingerprint pieces is that every piece is one of a kind. I had to figure out a way though to offer it to stores because I sell to store all over the country.To find a way to combine technology and hand crafted pieces: I feel like I have the best job in the world.”

Sarah Graham