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2018 3DESIGN Training Schedule

2018 3DESIGN Training Schedule


Dear 3DESIGNers,

Happy 2018! Are you ready to take your Jewelry CAD skills to a new level? We offer 3DESIGN training classes for all levels of experience with 3DESIGN! These classes are open to anyone: whether you already have 3DESIGN license or using another CAD software but curious about Jewelry CAD.

Skyrocket your 3DESIGN skills!

Over a three-day course,  learn 3DESIGN basics including navigating 3D space, parametric history, managing CAD Files, importing and exporting, sketching 2D and 3D curves, basic construction tools, jewelry wizards + builders, and, of course, rendering. Master jewelry specific tasks like pave, channels, standard and custom stone shapes, and settings.


The class consists of mostly hands-on projects and practice files as well as jewelry making tips and discussions. After this training, students will have all the necessary skills to begin building their own jewelry designs and will start to see an immediate return on investment.


Students who have purchased a license will receive follow up training and support through 3DESIGN Care. This includes priority access to the Support Help Desk and access to Training Videos and supports via the 3DESIGN Community Forum.


Current locations include Georgia and California. For remote support and training please contact our customer service. 


Feb 19-21  Fundamental Training - Los Angeles, CA
Mar 14-16  Fundamental Training - Atlanta, GA
Apr 9-11  Fundamental Training - Los Angeles, CA
May 9-11 Fundamental Training - Atlanta, GA
May 21-23 Advanced Training -  Los Angeles, CA
May 24-25 3Shaper V2 Pro Training - Los Angeles, CA
Jun 18-20  Fundamental Training - Los Angeles, CA
July 11-13  Fundamental Training - Atlanta, GA
Aug 6-8  Fundamental Training - Los Angeles, CA
Aug 20-22  Advanced Training  - Atlanta, GA
Aug 23-24  3Shaper V2 Pro Training - Atlanta, GA
Sep 12-14  Fundamental Training - Atlanta, GA
Oct 8-10  Fundamental Training - Los Angeles, CA
Nov 7-9  Fundamental Training - Atlanta, GA
Dec 3-5  Fundamental Training - Los Angeles, CA

Learn more about our Training and Certification programs here


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2018 3DESIGN Training Schedule

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