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New version for TYPE EDIT !

New version for TYPE EDIT !


Productivity & flexibility, new features... It never has been so easy to create and produce with TYPE EDIT, the design and milling solution for laser & rotary machines prefered by more than 38,000 users all over the world.

Here is an overview of the Key new features we set up to improve your workflow.

Top new features

Improved tools

Because TYPE EDIT is already so complete, our mission is also to improve its functionalities for ever more ergonomics and computing power.

Discover TYPE EDIT V13 in details here

A launching for the 25 years anniversary of this CAD CAM solution!

Did you know ? TYPE EDIT is 25 years old! Its very first version was launched in 1992 at our customer Jeweler Altesse, our solution was already designed to bridge the artistic creativity and precision manufacturing. The first machinings were done on a VX89, a CNC miling machine and its first version of cncpc1. We are proud to have designed such a long-lasting and solid solution that has satisfied our customers for so many years. This experience is our foundation for constantly renewing and improving this great work tool.

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