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Training and Certification Programs CAD/CAM 2D, 3D

Training and Certification Programs

Learning to use CAD/CAM software properly concerns all professionals who want to become experts.
Our mission: to help you optimize your Type3 Solution for YOUR applications and support you in your daily projects.

Training Classes

Our teams have been training customers worldwide for over 25 years. The expertise and experience that our support trainers have acquired are keys to helping to make your investment quickly profitable.

With Type3, the programs and individual training courses are specific, adapted, personalized; effective! Depending on your machines and software, your applications, your own software experience, we can offer you various training options.

Example formats:

Note: Some trainings can be completed through online sessions lasting approx. 2 hours to cover the software's key points. This is very effective because you don't have to travel to the training locations. And we use screen sharing so you can see the points being discussed immediately.

For tighter budgets, we also offer group training (maximum 5 persons). Contact us for details of the next class sessions.

"Face-to-face" training is the most effective, particularly for new users. Our expert trainers guide you through your solution to help you work wisely and learn more quickly.

Are you a jeweler, watchmaking or silversmith professional? Consider our 3DESIGN Certification program. 

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