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3SHAPER: testimonials

3SHAPER: testimonials

Our clients are our best ambassadors, discover what they think about the latest TYPE3 solution: 3SHAPER

We have just won the first Dubai international jewelry prize. It is also our 50th international prize and marks a milestone.

It is the first competition which we entered with a clear objective, not just for our enjoyment but to compare ourselves with others.

Our careers are at a turning point. We hope to gain in terms of financial security, respect, recognition and even growth. The aestheticism of this is more precise and more dynamic, its form is richer and clearer.

For the first time, we used 3SHAPER exclusively to create this part for the competition. I sincerely believe that this software is a new tool which will allow us to further improve the quality of our work. 

Daniel M. Nagy et Orsolya Ráski - Bijoutiers freelance - Hongrie