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TYPE EDIT: testimonials

TYPE EDIT: testimonials

Our clients put it best! Read what they think about the solutions that have become their preferred everyday tool.

With all these competitors, time and quality are the key benefits we can offer our clients without worrying about the cost.

I thought that TYPE3 solutions were more suited to my numerical control machines. The efforts made with the 2D functions continue to amaze me!

I am really impressed with the construction tree. Previously, I had to undo and redo if I needed to modify my creation. Now, TYPE EDIT saves all my operations in the construction tree; a significant time saving!

Doug Urban - Urban Woods - USA

As a major player in the jewellery industry, our group need to strengthen the CADCAM sector for machine management and creation. We can't do everything manually due to financial, material and human constraints.

TYPE EDIT has really saved us time during the creation and machining processes. It has also really helped our designers to diversify their creations. TYPE EDIT is now an integral part of our daily work and has improved our efficiency considerably.

TYPE EDIT is used mainly for graphic creation, stamping, electrodes, etc as well as by permanent designers working exclusively for the GL Group within the creation department.

Fabrice Hermier - Groupe GL - France

Our company's mission is to create and produce chocolates as company gifts for clients, suppliers or promotional events. Our market covers the entire North American territory.

We stand out and succeed thanks to the accuracy of our engraving, which is a real benefit in this sector!

Since we have been using TYPE EDIT, we have been very satisfied with our gain in productivity. We are able to produce hundreds of quality moulds each month!

Jeff Robinson - Totally Chocolate - USA