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TYPE3-CAA: testimonials

TYPE3-CAA: testimonials

CATIA users design the world in which we live. Discover what they say about TYPE3-CAA, the only add-on approved by Dassault Systèmes for text integration.

Our company designs unique fonts and logos in CATIA 2D modules. The TYPE3-CAA“Graphic and Wrap”pacakge allows us to transform logos or images received in .AI or .EPS directly in the CATIA vectors. This package also allows the use of special fonts directly in CATIA.

Our company has gained in terms of global process control, performed internally for a very reasonable price.

Fingscheidt - Allemagne

Our activity concerns lines and blow machines for food bottling. TYPE3-CAA allows us to integrate engraving very early in the design stage. This application becomes an integral part of the product's manufacturing process.

The optimisation of the CATIA functions thanks to the integration of the Graphic & Wrap package now allows us to wrap on surfaces, write test on curves and all directly in CATIA! In additiom, we minimise the risks of errors with the integration of the package for perfect communication between CATIA and Type3.

Sidel - France

We need to engrave logos (Metabowerke logos and those of other companies), lettering and numbers and we want to wark the inside of parts with numbers and symbols. Thanks to TYPE3-CAA, we can create text, recover logos from a scan, modify them and project them and wrap them directly onto complex surfaces!

The benefits are incredible! We save time an money by managing this stage of production and we gain in terms of internal process control. In addition, we can also use multiple fonts.

Metabo - Allemagne