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Thank you for joining the fastest growing community of jewelry CAD designers, and revolutionize your business. With 3DESIGN, you will be able to dazzle your customers, attract new clients, and enhance your creative process. Through its artistic user interface you will become a master at creating 3D models and renderings. 3DESIGN’s advanced parametric technology is accessible to both beginners and experts. From High-End to Costume and from Bridal to Fashion. The Jeweler’s Choice is 3DESIGN CAD.We created a series of videos (as shown below) to help you get more familiar with how to use 3DESIGN, the interface and mouse moves.

Along with this, you will find a PDF with installation instructions on how to install your product.

3DESIGN - the only 3D jewelry software that give you total control
Create stunning 3D jewels
3DESIGN, Software for Watchmaker
3DESIGN - Watchmaking
3DESIGN - Jewelry CAD Software - Bypass ring with prong setting
3DESIGN - Bypass ring with prong setting
Create stunning 3D jewels