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Laser CAD Software : Marking, Cutting & Deep Engraving | LASERTYPE

LASERTYPE, 3D Laser Engraving Software, The Professional Software Solution 100% dedicated to Laser Machines, 3D Engraving Software for Laser

Discover LASERTYPE, first laser CAD Software for all laser applications. Accurate CAD/CAM Software Solutions for: Engraving, Marking, Cutting, 3D Bas-relief on any Laser Machines.

LASERTYPE V13 | Laser Engrave any Vector on any Laser Machines
LASERTYPE, bar codes, datamatrix
LASERTYPE, Bar code markings
LASERTYPE 3D Bas relief
LASERTYPE V13 | Laser Engrave any Vector on any Laser Machines
LASERTYPE Software - Multi Copies Serialization
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    Laser machines can be used for a variety of applications, they can come as replacement or as an addition to milling machines, and can bring efficient solutions in the day to day overload of machinings. LASERTYPE offers unrivalled features for Cutting or Engraving logos, text, symbols, surface decoration, or Bas relief sculptures. Compatible with most Laser machines and available with several levels of features, LASERTYPE helps you to optimize the use of your machine and diversify your business.









    Intended for specific industries, the LASERTYPE software offers professionals from the molding and engraving industries, sign makers and jewelry manufacturers CAD/CAM solutions suited to their needs. A complete solution integrating 2D CAD, 3D modelling tools and CAM. A wide range of Laser paths strategies to adapt to your works or optimize machining time. Effectiveness and versatility to make the most of your machine. Its integrated CAM module offers adapted machining strategies (3D engraving, 2.5D and 3D Deep engraving, Cutting, raster/spiraling filling, finishing paths for edges, etc…) as well as the choice of parameters or the optimization of movement.  Precursor in Deep laser engraving since 1999, LASERTYPE offers the longest and broadest experience for cutting, engraving and 3D Bas relief applications worldwide.
    • Developed to provide you with the most effective tools on the market, regardless of the level of your applications and your budget, the LASERTYPE software solutions are available in different dedicated and scalable level packs.
    • Because we think that every customer is unique, you can also personalize your working areas. Based on your users, your work. You can also create your process scenarios (scripts). This way your learning curve speeds up and your everyday usage is optimum.
    • Offering innovation, versatility and performance, LASERTYPE can consolidate and improve your creativity, the quality of your work and your productivity.
  • Features

    Reliable, Versatile, Effective

    • Full menus for text controls and advanced drawings
    • Serialization (text, numbers, barcodes, etc…)
    • Wide range of 2D import/export formats (Vector/image, DXF, EPS, PDF, DWG, etc…) and 3D (STEP, IGES, 3DM, STL, etc…)
    • Specific tools: advanced Nesting, photo assistant, stamps, vectorization, etc...
    • Point editing mode and easy cleaning of imported files
    • 3D Bas relief designs and textures
    • Vector and raster modes
    • 2.5D and 3D Deep engraving
    • Laser CAM specific to different strategies comprising contour cleaning, tangential input/output (Lead-in/out), optimized hatching, etc…

    LASERTYPE manages your Laser & Cutting printers, Marking machines, Plasma or any Laser NC machines.

    To find out more:

    What types of files can I import / export in / from LASERTYPE?

    LASERTYPE offers a wide range of files for import / export. This includes JPG, EPS, IGS, DXF, DWG, HPGL, PLT etc… LASERTYPE also offers a unique choice of advanced curve and point cleaning tools; such as for example the automatic detection of superimposed contours or intersecting points, open curves, etc…

    Is it possible to work with True Type and Open Type fonts in LASERTYPE?

    Yes, LASERTYPE allows you to use all True Type and Open Type fonts installed and others such as Gravotech fonts. It is also possible to create your own fonts using the font editor feature.

    I need to prepare a series of plaques, how can I use LASERTYPE efficiently?

    Our "Matrix / Serialization" menus have been developed to meet this specific need. They combine professional functions for composing a plaque quickly and effectively. The automatic compression and alignment of text, the merging of data files (through .TXT format), pre-cutting pre-set, etc…

    I work with several different Laser machines, how can I manage them using LASERTYPE?

    LASERTYPE is compatible with pretty much any laser machines on the market. Whether they are managed using a printing "driver" or a "NC". This is a professional solution dedicated to meeting all your needs and this includes being able to work with a variety of machines. LASERTYPE is the only Laser CAD/CAM software solution you will ever need.

    Which parameters can I modify when working with text?

    All Typographical controls are available: height, width, italics, alignment, upper or lower case letters, text position, orientation, interlining, kerning, sub script etc… are some of the parameters you can modify for your text. LASERTYPE has all the tools required to help you create your text exactly how you want it. It's all up to you!

    How can I create in 3D part with LASERTYPE ?

    LASERTYPE offers all the "TYPEART" tools to create your bas reliefs and textures, whether this is from image files (grey levels) or from 2D curves you will design in LASERTYPE. In the CAM, you will then have specific "3D" paths to use your parts with the parameters you can then adjust based on the hardness/type of material, power of your laser, etc…

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Examples of applications

LASER-CAD 2D Engraving
CAD LASER 2D Engraving
Engraving with LASER TYPE
Engraving with LASER TYPE
Deep Engraving with LASER TYPE
Deep Engraving with LASER TYPE
3D Wooden Engraving
3D Wooden Engraving
3D Laser CAD Engraving
3D Wooden Carving
3D Wood Engraved
3D Wood Engraved Bear Family
3D Carving Laser
3D Carving Laser
CAD LASER 2D Engraving


What our clients say

The ergonomy of the software’s interface was the first element that impressed the staff. A screen for each and every step of the creation is a practical and precious tool. The power of the TYPEART 3D module, as well as the CAM module’s capabilities, reinforced this initial impression.

LASERTYPE is the only one to guide the user from A to Z, from the creation process all the way to the final object, and guarantees contextual help at each step of the way. The Favorites toolbar eases the work process and speeds up creation time.
Philippe Veiniere - Veiniere - France

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Laser CAD Software : Marking, Cutting & Deep Engraving

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