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TYPE EDIT: Milling CAD/CAM Software

TYPE EDIT – Leading Artistic CAD/CAM Software for 2D and 3D applications – The market leader for Industrial & Artistic Applications running with any CNC machines.

TYPE EDIT is a complete scalable solution bringing advanced features for any kind of Graphical needs associated to manufacturing in 2D, 2.5D and 3D.
With 25 years of constant developments, TYPE EDIT offers a high level of versatility and flexibility with its features. We can therefore tailor a TYPE EDIT solution right for your job. Your business can be in the Sign industry, or Engraving, Molding or be in the Jewelry fashion designs…, we have built packages which can be upgraded at any time depending on your needs today and tomorrow.
TYPE EDIT fits itself perfectly on your own design and manufacturing processes, thanks to gateways towards other CAD/CAM solutions. Of course, towards your CNC machines with a library of more than 600 posts to cut, engrave and mill on any machine available in the world.

TYPE EDIT V13 | Hot Stamping Die (UK)
TYPE EDIT Ideal CAD / CAM Software for productive & creative CNC engraving
TYPE EDIT Ideal CAD / CAM Software for productive & creative CNC engraving
TYPE EDIT watch making identification
TYPE EDIT watch making identification
TYPE EDIT Packaging
TYPE EDIT Packaging
Hot Stamping Die (UK)
TYPE EDIT V13 | Logo variable
TYPE EDIT V13 | Hot Stamping Die (UK)
TYPE EDIT V13 | Signs Management
TYPE EDIT V13 | New Direct Alignments
TYPE EDIT V13 | Multiple Texts on Arc(s)
TYPE EDIT V13 | Spiral tool
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  • Details

    Discover the new features V13









    To each application its solution !
    TYPE EDIT offers to Industrial Professionals in molds, engraving, sign makers and jewelers CAD/CAM solutions fitting their own needs.
    A vast choice of powerful tools and wizards allowing manipulating any element of the designs and build any desired shape, either in 2D or 3D, with TYPE EDIT you can create any cutting, engraving or bas-relief. Its robust CAM module completely integrated offers machining strategies perfectly adapted to any cut, insuring quality and an unequaled efficiency. Regularly improved TYPE EDIT benefits of one of the most advanced experience in the cutting, engraving, projection/mapping and 3D carving fields in the world.
    • Developed to provide the most efficient tools on the market, whatever the difficulty level of your applications and your available budget, TYPE EDIT Software Solutions are available in many packs targeted to each industry and growing depending on the current and future needs of your company.
    • Since we believe each customer is unique, we can also personalize your work space, depending on your user needs, on your jobs, on the current business you run and the one you will run tomorrow.
      You can build your own process scenario (scripts). Your learning curve and your daily usage is then optimized to reach your goals.
    • Providing innovation, flexibility and efficiency, TYPE EDIT delivers to your customers the creativity they expect, with the highest quality in design. Thanks to the most powerful tools TYPE EDIT brings you the level of productivity insuring your competitiveness.
  • Features

    snowflake texture die


    TYPE EDIT 3D Americus sign detail


    • Text mode and Font Editions
    • Advanced Nodes Edition
    • Artistic Geometrical Drawing Tools
    • Nesting and MultiCopies
    • Imports & Exports 2D/3D Formats
      (EPS, PDF, STL, IGES, STEP...)
    • Create/Import variables and series
    • Inlays Marqueterie
    • 3D Bas-reliefs
    • 3D Texturing
    • Parametric Construction Tree to model in 3D embossings
    • Die & Stamps Wizard
    • Combo Die Creations for paper convertion
    • Intaglio Machining for V-Carving
    • Projection & Mappings on Advanced 3D Surfaces
    • Multi tools Sequence Optimizations
    • Finishing Toolpath in 2D and 3D
    • 3D Simulators of Machinings
    • Customized Machining Reports
    • Drawing Tools
    • Font Editor
    • Rulers & Dials
    • Generation of Serial numbers
    • Import/Export vectors, raters, surfaces 2D & 3D (DXF/DWG, PDF, JPG, IGES, ...)
    • Nesting and Remaining Material Optimization
    • Inlays Marqueterie
    • LED Wizard to build signs
    • Scripts (Automation of features)
    • Librairies ClipArt 3D
    • Greyscale Convertion in 3D
    • 3D Modeling of Textures and Ropes
    • Toolpath Duplications
    • 2D & 2.5 D Cutting, Engravings
    • Costumed Machining Report
    • Drive CNC Routers, Engravers, Milling Center for any materials...

    TYPE-EDIT jewel embossing tool


    TYPE EDIT bottle mold engraved


    • Picture Vectorization
    • 2D & 3D Multicopies
    • 2D Texturing
    • Import & export 2D/3D formats
      (EPS, AI, STL, IGES, STEP,...)
    • Artistic Modeling for bas-relief (3D)
    • Sculpting module
    • Die & Stamps
    • 3D Design of textures
    • Bas Reliefs Creation from Greyscale Pictures
    • 3D Surfaces from Swept Curves
    • 3D Library of 3D Models
    • Tool 3D job fit help
    • 2D Deformation from envelopes
    • Pearling Duplications
    • 3D Parametric Construction Tree to model reliefs
    • 2D Free Hand Drawing tools
    • Font edition
    • Wizard for Rulers and Dials
    • 2D/3D Vector files Import/export + surfaces (STEP, IGES, DXF3D...)
    • Mapping & Projection on Random Surfaces
    • 3D Ornament Designs, Bas-Reliefs and Artistic Textures
    • Holes filler for Machinings on 3D Surfaces
    • Toolpath Generation & Duplications
    • 2.5D Cutting & Engraving
    • Editable Machining Reports
    • Scripts Feature to run sequences
    • Hundreds of Post-processors to drive your CNC and any milling machines
  • Downloads

Examples of applications

TYPE EDIT - Engraving ornament and mold machining
Engraving, cutting and machining
TYPE EDIT - Mold machining and ornament
mold machining
Anodized Aluminum Plate Engraving, 2D milling, 2D engraving, dials
Anodized Aluminum Plate Engraving
Personnalized wedding band with engravings, 4th axis machining
Personnalized wedding band with engravings
Customization on glass with engraved picture
Image engraving on a glass - personnalization
TYPE EDIT - Pendents and fashion accessories with engraved names or logos
Pendents and fashion accessories personnalized by engraving
3D Wood Door Medallion, woodworking, carving door
3D Wood Door Medallion
Wood Carving Geometries, v-carving, woodworking
Wood Carving Geometries
Bas-relief on vintage watch, Jewelry ornament
Bas-relief on vintage watch
3D Wood Carving Ski-Doo, woodworking, 3D sign
3D Wood Carving Ski-Doo
Die & Stamps Embossing, Combo Die, 3D mold emboss/deboss
Die & Stamps Embossing
Industrial Part Engraving, Multi levels die
Industrial Part Engraving
Stone Carving, intaglio, tomb stone ornament
Stone Carving
2D : Acrylic Laser Cutting, deep material cut
2D : Acrylic Laser Cutting
2.5D : Metal Engraving, ramping corners, combo die, paper convertion
2.5D : Metal Engraving
3D : Pewter Dish Engraving Stamp, bas relief, 3D stamping
3D : Pewter Dish Engraving Stamp
TYPE EDIT - 3D artistic machining, engraving for fashion accessories, 3D designed button
Fashion accessories
Cut Wooden Clock, 2D cutting, cut out letter, CAD clock
Cut Wooden Clock
Sharp Face Stamping Dies, 2.5D Engraving, ramping out corners
Sharp Face Stamping Dies
3D Embossing on Bottle, packaging, bas relief
3D Embossing on Bottle
Engraving, cutting and machining
Artistic Insignia - TYPE EDIT V12 | Revolved TypeArt Features


What our clients say

Our company’s mission is to design and produce chocolate for business purposes such as corporate gift-giving, customer appreciation, and sales promotions. Our focus is on the North American market.
We have set ourselves apart thanks to the precision of our engraving, which is a real asset in this field!
Since we have been using TYPE EDIT, we are very satisfied with the gain in productivity. We are able to produce hundreds of high quality molds per month!
Jeff Robinson - Totally Chocolate - USA

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TYPE EDIT: Milling CAD/CAM Software

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